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Why We Are The Best

We look at problems differently. However, our company is founded on the principle of always using science to justify our techniques and solutions.


Explore What We Are Doing Better

Our company’s approach is to provide our users with user friendly and easy-to-understand applications.


At the core of our data stands HRV. With HRV we are able to tell the user different things about their body.


With our data, we have created unique models for our applications for users to understand what the data being generated means.

Clinically Proven Techniques

Our company has studied and found the most effective techniques through rigorous research over a time span of 30 years

Tracking your health

At the forefront of our data comes usability and tracking. Our applications, unlike others on the market, passively track and notify users on their current condition and provide them solutions at the same time.

Meet The Partners

Dr. Ravinder Jerath

Founder & Researcher


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William Brown

Marketing & Chief Engineer


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Ahmet Korkaya

Research & Product Development


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three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

In our eyes, we believe there are three steps to success when it comes to managing your mind and body.


Measuring your health

Using a state-of-the-art application such as our HRV tracker to track yourself


Learning about your health

Using the data generated to recognize if you need to make adequate changes to improve your current condition.


applying clinically proven techniques to your daily life

Making the necessary changes to improve your condition always making sure our methods can be scientifically proven.


Educate yourself by taking courses to improve your overall mind and body.

You Deserve the best when it comes to your body

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