Under Development!

The first iteration of the MB Meter will be featured on the Apple Watch though a clinically tailored app.

The app will measure HRV and Heart rate, among other things, giving users live feedback. However, unlike many of the HRV and Fitness apps on the market, our app doesn’t just throw numbers at you.

Our app provides users with live data but is shown in a way that user friendly and easy to understand, unlike the other apps on the market.

We translate the live data through our system, and the app then provides the user with clinically proven techniques that will help the user improve their score based on their current state.

We also packed our app with many other outstanding features, many of which are still under development.

Apple Watch

*Models are under development and may differ significantly from the final version

Grow and learn from clinically proven techniques

Monitor your body 24/7

Store your data in the cloud and reference it later

View live data readouts on your mobile device and computer.